Princess Honey Cunt and The Little Pea

Girls good and naughty, take note.

14 Feb

Daddy lets Princess play with Pea

Thank you, Sir, for the story.

We loved it!

-Princess and Pea


Pea sits behind her desk, typing away, responding to another inane email, all this work suddenly dumped on her whilst she was at lunch.
All boring, tedious work but thankfully simple and nearly complete, soon she would be done and she couldn’t wait to get home to daddy.

Princess was flying in, Daddy had given his permission, she was coming for some playtime and they were going straight to the airport to collect her.

Pea was soooo excited, she let out a little ‘SQUEEEE’. She was interrupted as her phone vibrated in her pocket, she checked it, it was a message from Daddy.

She opened it, it read “Open the second draw in your desk, take out the box and then do what it says inside. -Daddy”

Suddenly excited Pea reaches for the draw handle, that draw only held stationary, in fact she’d been using the stapler from it before lunch and there hadn’t been any box then…

Pea pulls on the handle, the draw slides open, inside a small black box tied with a pink ribbon.

Pea places the box, looking over at the open door to her office, standing she walks around the arm of her desk that sticks out into the room, leaning over to close the door.

She returns to the box, sitting in her chair, she pulls on the pink ribbon, the knot slips undone and she removes the top from the box.

Inside there is a note, it reads:

Every girl needs presents and this one is for you, something for you to share with Princess while she is here, I want you to be wearing it when she first sees you.

Close your door, if you haven’t already, but your not allowed to lock it, then you will sit on the edge of your chair and lean back, slide off your panties and spread your legs, putting your heels up on your desk facing the door.
You may then take your present from its bag and put it to good use, you may need that lube you’ve hidden in your bottom draw.

You will send a SMS to Princess when you take it out of the bag. You will tell her what it is and what your doing with it.

I can’t wait to see you wearing it for me. -Daddy

Pea feels her pussy clench as she reads it, Daddy bought her something AND he came here whilst she was at lunch, she pouts wishing he had stayed so she could show him how thankful she was.

She lifts the black velvet bag, its heavy for its size, she pulls open the ties at the top and something glitters inside.


She slides it out and grabs her phone, texting Princess as fast as she can:

Daddy bought me the crystaldelights glass plug with the pink crystal, I’m in my office, the doors unlocked and I’m facing it. I’m about to take off my panties, spread my legs and put it inside me. Can’t wait to show you… -Pea

Pressing send, Pea does as Daddy instructed, opening her bottom draw and pulling out the lube, she squirms down her seat, pulling her skirt up, she lifts her hips and pulls off her panties, sliding them down her thighs and over her high heels, dropping them into her bag.
She swivels in her chair facing the door, raising her leg, placing one shoe against the desk, then raising the other, the glass top of the desk sliding into the cleft of her high heels.

Her legs spread, exposed, the thought of anyone walking in and catching her, drove her arousal. Unlikely as it was, the office was basically empty at this time of day on a Friday, everyone leaving for an early weekend as soon as they could.

She lifted up her new glass plug, the head bulbous and clear, tapering to a stop to hold it in place, surmounted by a pink faceted crystal, she’d begged Daddy to buy her one for forever and now it was hers.

She pushed on the pump bottle of lube, the viscous liquid, slowly running down smooth curve of the plug, she ran her fingers all over it, covering it.

‘Oh its going to feel so good’, she thinks to herself.

She moves her lubed fingers to her anus, rubbing them over the tight puckered skin, she feels so naughty, sitting here all exposed touching herself there, she wants to slide her fingers up to her clit, but Daddy said to use it, not touch herself.

She reaches for the plug, grasping it then pressing it against her, she takes a breath then pushes, a feeling of blissful pleasure, coupled with a hint of pain rising inside her as the smooth glass begins to open her up.
Pressing harder, it starts to slide in, she can feel it slip past her sphincter as it opens her wider. Attention focused on the exquisite feeling, Pea doesn’t notice the handle turning on her door.

She hears the bolt slide on the door and her head jerks up, “NO, NO, NO” she screams out in her mind. The plug is now past its widest point, her sphincter closing down around it, drawing it inside. The door starts to open, Pea freezes like a deer caught in headlights, sitting in her chair, legs spread wide, her fingers pushing the plug inside her… “Oh god, who is it , what will they think, what can i do???” the thoughts fly round and around, but her body doesn’t respond.

The door opens wider, Pea catches a glimpse of a woman, surprising her as she’s the only woman here as Sandra left after lunch with Clair.

“My, My what have we here?” the woman asks in a scolding tone as she steps into the room, turning to close the door behind her.

Pea’s body finally catches up with her mind and she starts to squeeze her legs together, moving her legs to drop to the ground.

“Don’t you dare move” the woman’s voice cracks like a whip.

‘I know that voice’, Pea thinks to herself.

The woman turns back to face Pea…..

“Now open your legs again and show me how your Daddy’s gift fits”

“Princess?” Pea asks shocked

“What you forgot me already, Pea?” Princess asks

Pea drops her legs to the floor, bounding upright, then nearly falling as she tries to get around the table to Princess, her movements awkward, put off by her new toy buried deep inside her, half falling she embraces Princess, who wraps her arms around Pea, holding her up.

“Here I am” Princess says

“But, But, Daddy said we were to pick you up tonight.” Pea stutters over the words

“Your Daddy, thought it would be nice for us to spend some time alone to catch up and he wanted a surprise to go with your present.” Princess explains.

“My heart stopped when you opened the door Princess, I couldn’t move, I knew for sure it was someone who I worked with and I didn’t know what would happen” Pea starts talking at a million miles an hour.

“Its alright Pea, its alright, slow down, now get back on that chair I want to get a better look at it.” Princess says,

Pea lets go of Princess, practically running round the desk, still a little off balance, turning and dropping herself onto the edge of the chair.
Leaning back she pulls up her skirt,

“See Princess, its sooooo pretty and it feels so good, I only had it halfway in when you opened the door, you scared me so much, I squeezed and it just popped all the way in.” said Pea in her excited voice, eyes flashing.

“It is very pretty Pea, it looks fabulous in you, do you want to see mine?” Princess asks

“You’ve got one too, show me, show me?” demands Pea

“Only if you’ll be a good girl and do as I tell you..” Princess says dropping her bag beside the desk, she turns away from Pea, hands reaching down to the hem of her black dress, pulling it up over her hips, she bends over.

Pea stares at Princess as the dress rises, ‘SQUEEEE, yours is pink too” says Pea.
 ”How does it feel, how long have you had it in, when did you get it?” Pea’s questions flying thick and fast.

“Your Daddy sent it to me, he said he wanted a matching pair for us. I put it in me before I left and got on the plane, its been in the whole time, its comfortable, but the flight attendant looking at me a little odd when I first sat down, it does take a bit of getting used to.” Princess explained.

Princess continued ” Now I’ve been so hot and horny all day, I got face fucked me this morning, then put the plug in me and I didn’t get to cum. I’m so very wet and I really need to cum. Can you help me Pea, pretty please?”

Pea didn’t need to be asked twice, the sight of Princess standing there, dress pulled up over her hips, stocking clad legs, her pink crystal sparkling in the light, her cunt wet with her desire….
Pea slid her chair across the floor, leaning forward and sitting up on the chair. She felt her plug push deep into her as she placed her mouth against Princess’s waiting cunt.

Princess moaned as Pea’s tongue slid over her clit and up between the lips of her cunt. “Mmmmmmm, your still have your Honey Cunt” Pea says, before returning her mouth to the soft pink flesh of Princess’s Honey Cunt, her tongue pressing inside, eliciting a moan from Princess, then down and going to work on Princess’s clit, licking and flicking, Princess’s clit hard under Pea’s tongue.
As Pea continued, Princess’s moans become lower and closer together, her breath shortening and coming in gasps as her orgasm took her, wave after wave of pleasure as Pea’s tongue found all the right places at the right time.

“Oh, how I’ve missed that tongue of yours Pea, it gets me every time.” Princess says, her voice a little shaky.

“Now, your Daddy told me that you needed help with deep throating him and that he wants me to teach you how to do it.” Princess stated, the same tone she would have used for discussing the weather with anyone else.

Princess reached down into her bag, pulling out a strap-on harness with a realistic shaped dildo fitted.

“Now I know this is a little smaller than your Daddy, but it will do for now.” Princess continues as she steps into the harness pulling it up.

“Now why don’t you unzip me so I can get out of this dress, so I don’t get it dirty and you can strip too, I want to see those nipples I’ll be sucking on later, I haven’t forgotten last time.” said Princess.

Pea stands up, sliding down the zip on the back of Princess’s Dress, and helping pull it up over her head.

Princess is standing there, in heels, skin tone stay-up stockings, tightening the harness straps of her purple silicon cock, her breasts enclosed in a quite lovely navy blue and cream lace bustier.

Pea remembers she’s supposed to be getting naked too, she shimmys her skirt to the floor, then unbuttoning her shirt, she pulls it back off her shoulders, reaching behind her to unhook her bra, it slides forward and she drops it onto the pile.
Naked now except for the jewelery that Daddy lets her wear and her high heels.

“Hmmm, see the effect your naked body has on me Pea, I’m hard already” Princess quips, laughing.

“Now i’m going to stand here and I want you to show me how you try to deep throat your daddy” Princess instructs

Pea goes to her knees in front of Princess, she finds the sight of Princess’s lingerie clad breasts, coupled with her ‘cock’ standing out from her very arousing.
She slides Princess’s cock in between her lips, then methodically working her mouth and head back and forth, working more of it into her until she gags as it hits the back of her throat, less that two thirds of the whole length.

“I can’ it Princess” Pea whines

“Your not, opening your throat up Pea.” Princess scolds “Your throat curves, but his cock won’t, so you need to straighten your throat so it slides past.
Pull down on my cock a little so its pointing down a bit, now try again.”

Pea does as she’s told, her lips sliding along the purple shaft, she fits more this time, but gags again as it hits the back of her throat. She draws back coughing.

“Usually I would just force it down at this point Pea and you’d take it all, but you won’t like that, lets try something else. Get up and lie on your back across the glass table so that your head hangs down over the other side.” Princess tells Pea.

Pea lifts herself up, then lies down on the table, her head hanging down.

“Now, I’ll show you what I mean about having a straight throat making it so you can take it all.” says Princess as she cradles Pea’s head in her hands, lining Pea’s mouth up with her cock, she pushes it in, sliding all the way till the leather of the harness is against Pea’s Lips. Princess strokes her finger along Pea’s straightened throat.

“See you can do it.” Princess says approvingly.

Pea can feel the cock stretching down into her throat, it feels odd, but good.

“See, you don’t need to be that straight for it to still work, for example when your on your knees in front of him.” Princess states, raising Pea’s head so that the angle changes.

“Now I want you to turn over onto your front, without your lips letting go of the leather of the harness” Princess instructs.

Pea isn’t sure how that’s possible, but she tries, the cock moving in her throat, touching the sides making her want to cough and gag, but she fights it down, making it onto her side. It gets more tricky as the angles change but she finally makes it.

“Good Pea” Princess says “See, you can do it and from now on it’ll only get easier”

“We’ll see about that..” says a deep male voice from beside Princess.

“Daddy”, Pea cries out excitedly, her voice made incomprehensible by the ‘cock’ filling her throat.

“Hi Sweetie, I see that Princess is wasting no time, your looking particularly gorgeous Princess, I can’t wait to taste that Honey Cunt of yours again. Still I want to see if she can handle the real thing.” Daddy says.

Princess’s cock slips out between Pea’s lips with a popping sound.

Pea’s Daddy kneels down to look her in the eye..

“Pea, did you like your present and did you do what I wrote?” Daddy asks

“Yes Daddy, Its fantastic, I love it, It feels so good and thank you for sending one to Princess too, she loves hers as well.” Pea answers

“Really? , why don’t you show me, Princess lie down beside Pea” Daddy instructs

Princess lies down beside Pea, bending over the glass desk, her nipples harding from the cold surface of the desk.

Daddy walks around behind them, “Nice, very nice girls”. He places his fingers around the stoppers on each of them, pulling them slightly out and pushing them in. Princess and Pea, both gasping and moaning in unison.

“We should really have you two together more often, Its so enjoyable to have both of you at the same time.” Daddy mused.

“Now Pea, do you think you can take my whole cock now?, It looked like you took Princess’s easily enough.” Daddy asks

“I’ll try..’ whispers Pea.

“No, you’ll do it Pea” her Daddy commands

Walks around the desk, unzipping his fly, he takes out his cock, longer and thicker than Princess’s dildo, he presses it against Pea’s mouth.

“Princess put your cock against Pea’s pussy, I want you to mimic my movements, if she takes me all the way, you push yourself in all the way, when I pull out you pull out, do you understand?”

“Yes sir” replies Princess, standing up and moving to press her cock against Pea’s wet pussy.

Daddy starts to slide into Pea’s mouth, Princess follows, pushing in, stretching open Pea’s pussy, the head slipping in easily with how wet Pea is.

We both continue pushing deeper, Pea moans and then nearly gags, but she stops herself.

We continue, Daddy’s cock sliding further into her mouth than it has ever before as Princess’s cock slides deeper penetrating Pea.

Pea then realises she can feel something against her lips, its the short coarse hairs surrounding the base of Daddy’s cock, she squeals with excitement, her throat clamping down on Daddy’s shaft. She controls herself, focusing on the feeling of the leather harness around Princess’s cock pushing against her and then on the end of the plug inside her. She realises that she’s filled in all three holes, something she’s never been, the excitement and pleasure is overwhelming.

Losing herself in the feeling, its suddenly torn away as Daddy pulls his cock back and pushes it back in, then again and again, starting a rhythm. Princess does the same to her pussy, each thrust punctuated by the harness pushing on her plug.

She nearly gags and struggles for breath as her Daddy starts to thrust faster, fucking her face, mouth and throat, while Princess fucks her pussy in time, the feeling of being filled in her mouth, pussy and ass is too much.

Pea tries to cry out, to ask Daddy to let her cum, her orgasm is right there but she can’t cum unless he says so. It sits there out of reach, her throat full of his cock, stopping her from asking for release. Instead she starts to squeal in between gasps and moans.

It gets her Daddy’s attention, “Oh, so you want to cum do you?”

Pea squeals louder in response, Daddy speaks “Well Princess do you think we should let her cum?”

Pea can hear in her Daddy’s voice that he’s not far from cumming himself, his voice catching with each stroke.

Princess responds, “Oh, I think she can take a bit more fucking sir” a mischievous grin on her face

“Ok then,” Daddy responds, “Pea, my little girl, you can orgasm when you feel my hot cum shooting down your throat”.

The thought of Daddy’s cum shooting down her throat coupled with Princess thrusting harder into her, was almost more than Pea could bear. She clamped down her throat on her Daddy’s cock, ignoring the need for air , he groaned, his hands grabbing the back of her head as he thrust deep inside her mouth, pressing her up against him as his cum burst into her throat, again and again he thrust deeply, caught by the suddenness, she finally realised it meant she could cum herself.

Now with his approval she let her consciousness be swept away with her orgasm, Princess’s cock thrusting deep into her, her plug filling her and Daddy’s cock deep inside her she was in bliss, the muscles convulsing hard, her body stuck between Daddy and Princess, until it faded away leaving her quivering.

“Its about time we headed home girls, my bed is much more comfortable than that desk.” Daddy instructed

He continued as they picked themselves up, starting to dress, “Those plugs have got me wondering what else I can get you both to do together, I think your both going to be spending a lot of time with those plugs and your tongues in each others cunt, but lets get home first.”

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